Mr Nikola Šlajh
    European movement in Banat
    Address:Makedonska 11
    23000 Zrenjanin
    phone/fax: ++381+23-511-187
    e-mail: zroffice@epuszr.org.rs
    Web site: www.epuszr.org.rs

    A yearly assembly meeting was held in the premises of the European Movement in Banat, in January 26, 2011. There were some changes regarding the name of the organization made, which will, after the process of registration be called "European Movement in Banat"

    The inaugural assembly of the Zrenjanin Local council of the European Movement in Serbia was held in December 8, 1997, registration procedure was completed in November 28, 1997.

    The mission of the European Movement in Banat are as follows:
    - democratic and pluralistic society creating
    - promotion of the european values, as well as
    - lobying FOR EUROPE

    The aims of the Local council in Zrenjanin, which come from the aims of the European movement in Banat, are as follows:
    - Regional cooperation which includes supporting of the wide-ranged and free communication particularly with the neighboring Romanian and Hungarian parts of Banat (local border traffic and introducing local border passports, new border crossings, etc)
    - Resuming the idea of the multicultural Zrenjanin (Beckerek, Petrovgrad...) as well as spreading that idea over the central part of the region of Banat
    - Spreading out the ideas of the European Community in Banat, developing the cultural, political and economic cooperation of the citizens and peoples on both sides of the border in Banat with the regions and countries in Europe, the European contribution to the peace and welfare in the region in order to create the federal Europe
    - Developing of mutual understanding and cooperation between the people and the cities of Banat in the domain of culture, informing, economy and politics
    - Supporting and spreading the idea of Banat as the European region
    - Fostering and spreading the idea of Banat as European region
    - Gathering the NGOs of the region into the NGO center in order to make a mutual platform for developing a civil society
    - Reviving and supporting the development of the private entrepreneurship which have a long lasting tradition here, forming of the information center for small and medium firms and shops, and the "Zrenjanin initiative" (program for supporting the development of small and medium firms in FRY)

    The European Movement in Banat has its particular aims, the most important being the activities in widening and strengthening the cooperation with the fraternal towns of Bekescsaba, Timisoara and Arad as well as with the other towns which have signed the Protocol of regional cooperation "DANUBE-TISA-KARAS-MURES".
    European movement in Banat works together with all those who support these aims to make political and other conditions for involving FRY into European integral processes. This means to resume, to normalize and to confirm former relationships with the closest neighboring countries and with all other European countries as well.

    These goals are mostly realizing throughout education and training of:
    - citizens
    - NGO activists
    - local government
    - private entrepreneurs

    In the Local council there are the following sections:
    - "Interteka EPuS" (Internet center)
    - NGO center
    - SMEs information center
    - Cultural activities
    - Development and educational programs
    - Forum for regional cooperation
    - Architect's club
    - Health and ecological work
    - Womens' section


    1. Nikola Šlajh , MA, president of the European movement in Banat
    2. Robert Molnar , DR, member of the Steering committee
    3. Dragana Dorozan , Deputy president of European movement in Banat