European Movement's educational and information center

This project is supported by Freedom House. These seminars, training sessions and panel discussions are local trainers in our organization who have undergone training, apply their acquired knowledge. Standards of the organization of seminars, which our organization has established and which were requested project had to be reduced because the project received only one-third of the requested funds. This resulted in a reduced response is not in the number of invited organizations already in the number of participants. In addition to NGOs participating in the project and other organizations which have signified their willingness to participate in education, such as local government, local communities, civic groups and private entrepreneurs. Participation are also taken, and media representatives who have participated and provided information the citizens of our activities. Particularly been interested in smaller municipalities where they took part and those in responsible positions at their request, as this project was not provided, and what we believe is contributing to our project. This is the social component of great consequence, that is. acquaintance and friendship of people from different organizational structures. Even responsible people in small towns are largely uninformed, and there is a need to continue similar activities. Most organizations working on similar tasks does not work in the region equally and there is a need for some kind of regional center, which can not be addressed only activists of NGOs, but also interested civic groups and local governments of small municipalities in the region.