The project "Give up Arms!" was conducted with the support of SEESAC. The project lasted 6 month and during that time the activists were trying to work on the consciousnes of the citizens of the town of Zrenjanin about the dangers which could be caused by guns.
The following are the results:

1. First, we chose 16 secondary school students and organised their education neccesary for their work on SALW. The education was conducted by : Larry Attree ( SEESAC ), Vladimir ?umi? ( The Balkan Youth Association ) , Marko Uljarevi? ( The Balkan Youth Association ) , Aleksandar Piperski ( European Movement in Serbia , Local Council Zrenjanin ).

2. The participants were the guests of the local TV station , TV Santos. Our activists talked about the survey results, conducted after their training was over, and about the goals of the project. There guests in the program were prof Nikola Šlajh-EPus Zrenjanin, Aleksandar Piperski-EPuS Zrenjanin, Milan ?ežek- the mayor of Zrenjanin, mayor Pavle Levnajiž police department Zrenjanin

3. During the summer holidays the activists were giving leaflets about the dangers of using guns to passersby. The leaflets were printed in four languages: Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian

4. There was also organised a competition for the best painting which enrolled primary school children in Zrenjanin with the title "Life without Arms - Give up Arms".

5. During the project realisation there was also organised a seminar for the teachers of civics. The purpose of this training was to educate these teachers how to organise debates about guns during their clases.

6. Organising debates during civics classes in all secondary schools in Zrenjanin.