Goals of the project are as follows:
- Development of the society that creates equal opportunities for economic success and social welfare for its citizens who are socially jeopardized.
- Reduction of the poverty, securing of social stability and equal opportunity for all people in the region
Specific aim of the action:
- Reduction of endangerment, social alienation and poverty of target groups through improvement of their abilities
Target group of this project are children residents in the Municipality of Zrenjanin whose families or themselves use social services (children without parents and parental care, young offenders and families provided for by social services) with accent on roman children and refugees.
100 children without parental care and children from social jeopardized families were included in this project, age 7 to 17. Education that they went through is as follows:
- Computer courses children were given a chance to chose what kind of education they need ( starting with basics, through business correspondence to computer games programming and web presentations).
- Psychological workshops for strengthening of self-confidence children learned through these workshops how to believe in themselves, as well as how to help themselves and others. Psychologists and sociologists from Social Work centre Zrenjanin were working with them.
Entrepreneurship education
Children gained knowledge about what it means to be a successful entrepreneur as well as how to become one.
Education was conducted by teachers from Economic High School Jovan Trajkovic. who are engaged in program Junior Achievement.
Partners of the project are: Economic High School Jovan Trajkovic and Social Work Centre Zrenanjin.
This project was financed by European Union, conducted by European Agency for Reconstruction through Regional Socio-economic development Fund (RSEDP)..