NGO Centre, Zrenjanin is founded from 11 NGOs and also work with 40 local NGOs. In limited circumstances, works on propaganding the idea of the non-government sector and civilian society, in general. Connecting NGOs on local and regional level. NGO centre is information centre for all NGOs on this region, and also it works is on spreading and developing of regional NET.

The founders of NGO Centre in Zrenjanin are as follows :
- Centre for free elections and democracy
- Youth association Circle, Melenci
- Zrenjanin educational centre
- Association of citizens Healthy life, Zrenjanin
- Association of citizens NGO agency for business development
- European Movement in Serbia, Local council in Zrenjanin
- Organisation of deaf and hearing disorders, Zrenjanin
- Association of war army invalids in Zrenjanin
- Syndicate of educational workers in Vojvodina, Zrenjanin
- Foundation for help to children Fedra
- Association of enologysts Zrenjanin