Even I Can Do It!

Within the framework of the Zrenjanin European Movement project "Even I Can Do It" financed by the Ministry for Youth and Sport, the activity safe Cycling was supported in Zrenjanin and was undertaken by on informal group "ZzZ" Zajedno za Zrenjanin with its members: Gabriela and Ildiko Berkesel, Igor Ripak, Dragana Gulic and Ana Vujinov. The activity lasted from 1-20 Feb.2009 with the participation of local police and three primary schools: "Sonja Marinkovic", "Vuk Karadžic", and "2 Oktobar".
The project consists of following activities:
- Distriburion of propaganda materiols
- A lecture and a simle test on the Road Safety
- A drawing competition for the first and second grade pupils in primary schools on a subject: "My First Bicycle"
The Project was supported by Zrenjanin European Movement and NGO Centre.