Formal system of education offered by the educational institutions in our country can not meet all demands and needs for contemporary education. This makes conflict between formal system of education and personal needs of the gifted pupils, which are not taken into account by the system. This problem can be solved by organizing an open weekend school in Zrenjanin. The idea is to fill the existing gap in the education of gifted children which appears during their regular schooling. This communication zone is intended for gifted pupils, aged 17-19, who would be taught by local specialists and experts.
This project is aimed to:
- civic society active members making
- formal education supplementing

This will be realized through:
- consciousness development of taking active part in society
- developing of the critical thinking
- developing of the active relation of attendants to the learning
- developing of the multiculturality
- qualifying in finding the relevant information
- qualifying for multilingual communication
- developing inclinations for art
- developing entrepreneurship soul and market behavior