"Mutual denominator – EuroAtlantic integration"

Posted 22-24. november 2006.

President of Local Council of EMinS Zrenjanin participated on 13th international Forum called «Mutual denominator – EuroAtlantic integration» in organisation of Centre for Safety policy Szeged. Representatives that took participation in this event were from Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Certificate award

Posted 11. november 2006.

Certificate award for children without parental care and children from socialy jeopardized families.
European Movement in Serbia, Local Council Zrenjanin has organized in Theatre club Zeleno Zvono sertificate award ceremony to children who succesfully finished computer science course in School Pergament.
This activity was organized within the project «With education Towards Employment» financed by European Union, in coordination of European Agency for Reconstruction, though socio-economic development fund RSEDP.

Partner search forum

Posted 9. november 2006.

European Movement in Serbia, Local Council Zrenjanin participated in Partner search forum, organized by Join Secretariat for cross border cooperation of Serbia and Romania in Timisoara. Our representatives had a chance to get to know representatives of NGOs from Romania as well as to exchange experience and contacts for future cooperation.

Seminar for ombudsmen

Posted 23. october 2006.

European Movement in Serbia organized seminar for ombudsmen in Serbia called: «Capacity development of local ombudsman network in Serbia – Stratedy of public relations». Seminar was organized in the building of NGOs in Makedonska 11 Street. Participants were local ombudsmen from municipalities in Serbia.

”Support for Change”

Posted 11. september 2006.

A meeting named ”Support for Change” was held in the large conference hall of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.
European Agency for Reconstruction presented the financed projects from Banat through the fund of Socio-Economic Development (RSEDP).Out of 29 financed projects on the teritory of Republic of Serbia , 18 were from the region of Banat.

The meeting was attended by Republican and Provincial representatives who were welcomed by:
-Snezana Lakicevic-Stojacic-The Secretary for Work, Employment and Gender Equalty in the Province of Vojvodina.
-Josep M. Lioveras-an Ambasador.European Agency for Reconstruction
-William P. Lewis, team leader,RSEDP

After the welcoming note, representatives from the organizations and institutions that realize project in the region of Banad were given the opportunity to preset their projects.

„With education towards employment”

Posted 12. july 2006.

European movement in Serbia , Local Council Zrenjanin has organized first press conference regarding start of project „With education towards employment”. Press conference was conducted on Wednesday 12 th of July at 10 pm in the offices of Centre for Social work Zrenjanin.

The Project: “With Education towards Employment”

Specific goal:
Reduction of endangerment, social alienation and poverty of children without parental care and children from social endangered families through improvement of their abilities
Target group of this project are children residents in the Municipality of Zrenjanin whose families or themselves use social services (children without parents and parental care, young offenders and families provided for by social services).
One of the tasks of the NGOs is to, in cooperation with local authorities and private sector, educate all youth and enable them to participate fully in all segments of life and all actions.
Children without parental care do not have equal opportunities as the rest of the children, and they don’t have possibility for “normal life”. With this project we improve their chances for employment as well as for upgrading their self confidence.
Through our partnerships with NGOs, local authorities, and schools, we are trying to act preventively and address specific needs of these children. It is only after precondition for their successful integration, socialization and development as well as their self confidence, we can expect that they become more successful members of their community and to participate in its development.
The main activities within project are as follows:
- Data gathering and selection of children who will go through education
- Psychological workshops for upgrading of self confidence
- Education (computer skills, entrepreneurship education)
- Preparation and recording of documentary about these children (in production and realization of regional TV station Santos on which it will be broadcasted)
Project is supported by European Agency for Reconstruction through RSEDP fund.

"Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interests in Discharge of Public Office"

Posted 6. june 2006.

Republic Committee for Resolving Conflict of Interests in cooperation with OSCE, mission in Serbia and Montenegro and European Movement in Serbia had organized seminar with subject Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interests in Discharge of Public Office . European Movement in Serbia , Local council Zrenajnin was host and coordinator of this event.
Seminar was held in municipality of Zrenjanin in the morning. Lecturers were President of republic council Milovan Dedijer, and members Dušan Marièiæ and Branko Lubarda.
After this seminar we organized appropriate cocktail.

„With languages towards Europe”

Posted 6. march 2006.

European Movement in Zrenjanin is partner on project „With languages towards Europe ”, that is realized by primary School “Sonja Marinkovic”. Project is supported by Ministry for education and sport of Republic of Serbia , and the main goal of the project is development of language culture of teachers and students who are getting functional knowledge as well as connection with Europe and World. This education of professors and teachers is being organized through courses of English, German and Hungarian Languages, in order for them to use gained knowledge in everyday education. The project is planned to last for 6 months.

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