Open Competition for Secondary Economics Schools "PARTNERSHIP IN THE ACT"

Posted 05.January 2010.

European Movement of Serbia in cooperation with German organization for technical cooperation - Project Reform of secondary vocational education ( GTZ - VET project ) in support of USAID through the Surviving Communities Institute within a framework of the project "PARTNERSHIP IN THE ACT" announce an open competition for secondary economics schools. Banat secondary economics schools participated in a seminar which was organized in Zrenjanin European Movement premises on 18 December 2009. The objective of this competition is building surviving partnerships between twenty Serbian and German economics schools, which will enable a long - term cooperation among pupils , school teachers and principals , as well as beginning travel with a group consisting of twenty - four third grade pupils and two secondary school teachers from each school for a week's visit to Germany, where they will have an opportunity to associate, work together and meet colleagues and young people of the same age. Application for the competition can be found on The competition is open from 2 December 2009 to 2 February 2010.

News archive

"European embrace to Zrenjanin"

Posted 23.Oktober 2009.

European Movement in Serbia in cooperation with City Youth Council and Youth office of Zrenjanin, Movement "Novi optimizam" and Student Union of Technical Faculty MIHAJLO PUPIN, has realized activity which as a main goal had promotion of visa liberalization. Namely, at 19th of December 2009. came into force making the EU to abolish visas for Serbian citizens in order to be able to freely travel to the European Union. On this occasion on the Main Street of Zrenjanin, mentioned organizations had several activities, such as:

"I have the right to know"

Posted 17.Oktober 2009.

A panel discussion in Zrenjanin with the topic : Citizents doing the control of local institutions - was held in the Theatre Club...

The modern kingdom without a king

Posted 24.9.2009.

Mila Vujic, a member of the European Movemnet in Nis, presented her book on 24th Septembar 2009 at 8 p.m. in the City Library. At the beginning , a folk dance group called " Arhaik" condacted by Markov Radovan took part in the performance. The guest were Srdjan Djordjevic-the Youth Council representaive from Zrenjanin ; Vladimir Vasiljev - the manager of the City library and Nikla Slajh - the president of the European Movement in Zrenjanin . The author of the book and a famous actor Irfan Mesur , took part in the presentaion as well.The audience was full, and the book was accepted well, especially by the young people who came to the presentation. Everyone was given a book, written under the sponsorhip of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, as a token.

Traveling to Europe

Posted 15. July 2009.

The realisation of a major project of European Movement in Serbia "Let' s travel to Europe" started on 15 July. Among 200 best students of final years from the whole Serbia, there were 13 students from Zrenjanin. They started their travelling on Tuesday heading towards Vienna where they will continue their travellings according to their choices by the help of Interail cards and pocket money wich was given to them by AP Vojvodina and the city of Zrenjanin. A coctail party was organised for these 13 students in the Municipal of Zrenjanin by vice president Predrag Stankov. On this occasion the students were given small gifts. The members of the EMinS, local council of Zrenjanin, also participated at this coctail party.

National convent on EU in Serbia

Posted July 2009.

National Convent on Eu in Serbia wants to develope institucionalised, thematic structured debate between representatives of govermental and nongovernemtal sector, administration, Local government, politicians, experts, businessmen, NGOs and wider public, about preparation of Serbia for joyning EU.../p>

A visit to Banat in Romania

Posted 15. Juny 2009.

To meet Romanian partners and to launch joint projects a Zrenjanin institutions menagers visit was organized on 15 Jun,2009. Zombolj, Lovrin, St.Nikolau and Tomnatic were visited. Everything was organized by Zrenjanin European Movement. Beride cultural institutions, the delegation was welcomed everywhere by presidents of the local councils.

Europe Day 9 May

Posted May 2009.

The frist form pupils of Zrenjanin primary schools draw their "Vison of Europe" on the pavement in front of "Zeleno Zvono". Drawing competition for all primary school pupils with the title "How do I see Europe" was the part of the celebration programme, organised by EMinS, local council Zrenjanin...

Military and police cooperation n emergency situations - Sremski Karlovci

Posted 28.May 2009.

Speakers: Predrag Maric
Zoran Jeftic

The Cultural Map of Banat

Posted April 2009.

This project conserned cross - border cooperation between Serbia and Romania:
"The Cultural Map of Banat"...

Media forum

Posted 24. March 2009.

The media forum organised by European movement in Zrenjanin and the Konrad Adenauer Fobdation , was held in The Culturat Centre . The most important media representatives of the town, took part in it , meaning - two TV stations , TV Santos and KTV . The representatives of the local radio stations and the press were also there. Visiting guests were: Zoran Panovic-a journalist talking about - the influence of the local authorities on media ; Djordje Vukadinoviæ - a political analist talking about - The Media between the political and economical pressure; Mario Brudar- a representativeof RRA talking about the law concerning the media . The host of the tribune was Aleksandra Popovic from Konrad Adenauer Fondation.

Public Inqury

Posted February-March 2009.

Pro Concept Belgrade and Zrenjanin European Movement conducted an inqury of a select group of people dealing with the subjects of:
- Public health-for patients and citizens, as well as health-care workers
- Education-for parents and teachers
The inqury was carried out in february and march by the EpuSZr volunteers.

IT Society and Education

Posted February 2009.

IT Society and Education work group within National Convent about Serbian EU integration was held u City Hall of Zrenjanin. 40 experts in this field of science took part in this work group.

Even I Can Do It

Posted February 2009.

Within the framework of the Zrenjanin European Movement project "Even I Can Do It" financed by the Ministry for Youth and Sport, the activity safe Cycling was supported in Zrenjanin and was undertaken by on informal group "ZzZ" Zajedno za Zrenjanin with its members: Gabriela and Ildiko Berkesel, Igor Ripak, Dragana Guliæ and Ana Vujinov. The activity lasted from 1-20 Feb.2009 with the participation of local police and three primary schools: "Sonja Marinkoviæ", "Vuk Karadžiæ", and "2 Oktobar".
The project consists of following activities:
- Distriburion of propaganda materiols
- A lecture and a simle test on the Road Safety
- A drawing competition for the first and second grade pupils in primary schools on a subject: "My First Bicycle"
The Project was supported by Zrenjanin European Movement and NGO Centre.

Normative institutional framework and raising the capacity of actors of social dialogue

Posted 25.02.2009.

Snežana Lakicevic Stojacic State Secretary, Ministry for Labor and Social Policy Miroslav Vasin
Provicial Secretary, Provincial Secretariat for labor, employment and gender equality, Novi Sad
Cedanka Andric Secretary, Socio – Economic Council of Serbia
Sreæko Mihajloviæ Institute of Social Sciences

Application of e-business in Serbia / advantages and disadvantages

Posted 23. February 2009.

Speakers: Martin Bruncko Slovak Expert
Dragana Glusac Technical Faculty, Zrenjanin
Bojana Minic ECDL Serbia

The Cultural Map of Banat

Posted 31.January.2009.

Within the Rumanian project -The Cultural Map of Banat - the Rumanian team ,consisting of 48 experts coming from different areas connected with cultural tourism, visited the Serbian part of Banat for the purpose of gaining knowledge about the rout of the travel and its connecting with the Rumenian part The experts visited Kikinda, Zrenjanin, Pancevo and Vrsac. Most of the time , these spent in Zrenjanin, where they went sightsing and visited the oldest theatre in Srbia , the Museum, The City Hall, the Modern Gallery , the Art Gallery and the Castle Ecka.