Native history and multiculturalism

Posted 16.11.2012.

The aim of the project "Native history and multiculturalism", by European Movement in Banat, was to introduce native history of the region Banat to history students and teachers. There were two groups of high school students who were educated, as well as history teachers from Zrenjanin municipality. By the end of the project, the conference was held, where history teachers Radovan French, Predrag Paul and Philip Krcmar gave lectures about the promotion of cultural diversity and pluralism in the region of Banat. On this occasion a brochure was published on the historical legacy of the Banat and the Great Beckerek. "Native history and multiculturalism" is the project supported by the Provincial Department of Education which started a year ago, in November 2011, and ends up this Saturday, 10th November, 2012.

New language courses start in September

Posted 17.06.2012.

In early July, the spring English language courses of the European Movement in Banat were completed. Autumn English language courses for all levels of knowledge, start in early September. Applications may be sent by e-mail to:, or you can call us by phone 023511-187 in the morning hours. You can also visit us at the premises of the European Movement in the Banat, in the Makedonska 11. Registration starts in August 15th and semester course lasts until January 2013. Trainings are held in small groups, 4 times a week.

Start of the new project "Native History and Multiculturalism"

Posted 12.06.2012.

In June, the new project "Native History and Multiculturalism" started. It is funded by the Provincial Secretariat for Education, Administration and National Communities. The project promotes cultural diversity and pluralism, as well as training teachers to educate multicultural relations. Duration of the project is planned untill the end of the year.

Step closer to the Europe

Posted 12.06.2012.

European Movement in Banat has in May signed funding contract with Provincial Secretariat for interregional cooperation and local self-government for realization of the project "Step closer to the Europe". Planned duration of the project was 4 weeks, and project activities that were realized were: Celebration of the Europe Day, PCM training for representatives of Local communities from territory of the City of Zrenjanin and representatives of CSOs, preparation and printing of promotional activities, as well as rising awareness about importance of the EU integrations and which activities and tasks are in front of us. Also there was organized a tribune on subject "Candidacy - what next".
Representatives of the local communities were very interested in this kind of workshops, and fro planned 20 candidates we had 27 of them. Beside Provincial Secretariat project was financially and technically supported by RDA Banat. Project partners were NGO Centre from Zrenjanin and BID Zrenjanin. Officially end of the project was on 12th of June 2012.

EU representatives visit Zrenjanin on the Europen Day

Posted 12.05.2012.

European Movement in Banat, RCR Banat and the City of Zrenjanin organized the ceremony in the city centre, with regard to the European Day, 9th May. Emil Varadi, the First Secretary of Hungarian embassy and Tomasz Kilianski, associate for regional development of the Program "Regional Socio-Economic Development 2", visited the city on that occasion. They were guests of the Mayor Mileta Mihajlov, and the President of the Zrenjanin Assembly Aleksandar Marton. They all attended the concert given by the students of the music school "Josif Marinkovic" and the group "Archaic". Guests were welcome by the President of European Movement in Banat, Nichola Slajh.
In the morning, EU officials visited the "European Open Street" where primary school students made drawings on their vision of Europe. Also, at 12 o'clock in the city centre there was an exhibition where young artists from Zrenajnin showed their handicrafts. After the ceremony and tour of "European Open Street" along with the Mayor, E. Varadi and Tomas Kilianski paid a visit Zrenjanin newspapes, where they were welcome by Dalibor Bubnjevic, the director.
This event is a part of the program "One step forward Europe", financed by Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

NGOs from Georgia and Moldova visited European Movement in Banat

Posted 26.04.2012.

At Thursday, 26th of April 2012, EMinB offices have been visited by activists from 16 NGOs from Georgia and Moldova. We have used this opportunity to present our organization and its activities, and also we have presented our Region and City of Zrenjanin. Activists were very interested and they have asked many questions. Organizations that visited EMinB are Women's multi-ethnic group from Seleus, Youth association DRON from Georgia as well as Deputy Mayor from City of Ungheni from Moldova.

"Getting the status of candidate"

Posted 02.03.2012.

European Movement in Banat with great pleasure welcomes the status of candidate for EU membership. In front of all of us are huge tasks. It is necessary to get as soon as possible the date of negotiations for EU accession. It means a lot of work and a lot more unity, and census. We can be satisfied for obtaining this status, since there was no consensus in our country for obtaining this status. We are a unique country that has acquired the status even without the support of half the members, ie. Political parties. We expect the harmonization of legislation with EU standards, economic reforms and particularly sensitive issue of national minorities. Even now we will have access to the new funds regarding education and agriculture; also we must be aware that this time will be different pressures by smaller countries, as we have already seen the example of Romania. Currently, the most important thing is that the rating of the country has been improved and that will happen due to higher investment will come, because the world economy makes the investments only in countries which are safe for capital.

"Awarding diplomas to the participants of the English course"

Posted 28.02.2012.

Last Saturday (25.02.2012), at the premises of the European Movement in Banat, the Diploma award was held for the students of English language. The course was included in the project "Zone Communication" and successfully completed by 11 participants. The president of the European Movement in Banat, Mr Nikola Slajh, awarded the diplomas to all the participants.