"Not all waste is package, learn about recycling"

Posted 16.10.2013.

European Movement in Banat is implementing project "Not all waste is package, learn about recycling" that is financed by the City of Zrenjanin. The goals of the project are as follows:
1. Enhancement of knowledge of primary School children about recycling
2. Animation of children through active relationship with environment
3. Education of Teachers for further work with children on the recycling
It was planned that through project 200 children go through education from 10 schools on the subject of recycling, and at the end of the project a quiz will be organized. Project is planned to last from September untill December. 45 teachers and 240 children has finished education until now.

A monography - 600 years of Beckerek

Posted 15.06.2013.

Nikola SLajh, a Professor and a President of European Movement in Banat has come to an end with the preparation of an unique "A Monograph of Beckerek" that has 800 pages is of translation from German, Hungarian languages and press clipping and its research.
It covers the period between 1331. when the name Becherek is introduced for the first time, until Second world war whet it was given name Petrovgrad, says Mr. Slajh. The third book I worked on was the book of Feliks Mileker that was partially translated from German language.
The book that was translated from Hungarian language is the History of Torontal County from Borovski. Professor Slajh emphasizes that it is necessary to provide finances for the printing of this book that has great historical value for the City of Zrenjanin.

Europe Day 9 of May

Posted 12.05.2013.

- European Movement in Banat has, as every year until now, celebrated Europe Day 9 of May.

English language courses - February 2013.

Posted 11.02.2013.

European Movement in Banat is organizing humanitarian English language courses for all knowledge levels. These courses have been implemented for 9 years and more than 1000 people have finished them until now. This month we have organized certification ceremony for participants who started their courses in September 2012.