President of European movement in Banat:
Nikola Šlajh, MA

phone/fax:023/511 187
address: Makedonska 11, 23000 Zrenjanin

President of the European movement in Banat:
Nikola Šlajh, MA

Personal data's:
Date of birth: October 8, 1940
Place of the birth: Zrenjanin
Educaton: professor, Master of Philology, Court interpreter for the German language

Expert publications:
German language for economists (for 3rd and 4th class of economics’, and tourist high school), High school center, Bečej, 1974., "Monograph Great Beckerek in Banat"

NGO activities:
"BAnat studies", "Multiculturalism", "Interteka EPuS", "Democracy ON-Line", "ALT-NET", "Let’s talk about democracy", "EPuS-ov information educational centre", "Banat cross-border dialogue", "Celebration of Europe Day", "Go out and vote", "EPuS-Banat NGO centre Zrenjanin", " Banat - NET", “Towards Europe – A School of Democracy”,“ With Education towards employment”, "Comunication Zone"...

"Workshop on Skills for Dialogue and Integration" (US Institute of Peace), Zlatibor, 2001.
"Back in Europe - On paths to Democracy" (German-Dutch House of Europe), Aurich, Germany, 2001.
"Euro-shool", seminar for Vojvodinian teachers, Zrenjanin, 2001.
"How to prepare FR Yugoslavia for European Integration", EPuS, Belgrade, 2001.
"Ex-Yugoslavia reconstruction and Regional cooperation", Budva, 2000.
"NGO status in Southeastern Europe", Budapest, Hungary, 1999.

Other activities:
- Member of working group – National Convent of European Union
- Member of council for socio-economic development of Zrenjanin
- C(lan skupštine Regionalnog Centra za društveno – ekonoski razvoj „Banat” – Zrenjanin
- Member of Main and Executive Board of European Movement in Serbia
- Promoter of local culture and historic heritage - promotion of local culture and historic heritage of Evrope programme, European Commision
- Consultant for projects of cross-border cooperation.