Friday 18.12.2009:
24:00 - party called "White Schengen Party", which was held in the Theater Club "Zeleno Zvono", where we symbolically, in the form of input cards, shared passports.
Saturday 19.12.2009:
10:00 - Visit to city hall by Vice Ambassador of Austria Mr. Wolfgang Wagner in organization of European Movement in Serbia. Dialog was with chairman of city assembly Mr. Aleksandar Marton and with members of City council Mr. Vojislav Matic and Mr. Tibor Vas. After this, Mr. Wagner visited theater and museum and spoke with young people in the centre of the city, as well as with volunteers.
11:00-12:00 - European embrace to Zrenjanin and European traveler - Volunteers in the city wore prominent European features and shared the citizens "free hugs", and those citizens who have accepted the same have received a gift bag for document / passport on which is written: the European traveler.
At noon, volunteers and people, from balloons in the European Union recognizable colors (blue-yellow), at the Square of Liberty, established the flag of the European Union (and the image will be noted by taking pictures from the water tower).
During the above-mentioned actions, the official stand of the "European embrace to Zrenjanin", to people was shared hot tea, also, the Guide to travel without a visa for citizens of Serbia which the author is the Delegation of EU to Serbia.
Sunday 20.12.2009:
20:00- An hour TV show on regional television Santos called "The ANSWER - FREE travel to the EU". Guests were vice Ambassador of Austria Mr. Wolfgang Wagner with members of the European Movement Zrenjanin Mr. Nikola Šlajh and Ana Vujinov.
Traveling to Timisoara by buss for citizens of Zrenjanin was organized by Zeleno Zvono, we "broke the sound barrier of Schengen".