Mr. Šabić presented programme of decentralisation in transitional countries, with look back on the current situation in Serbia. He emphasized that thecore of the idea of decentralisation is economic independence. Zrenjanin has during the last years of last century lost its property and that's something that has to be given back in order to achieve economic independence and so that decentralisation process can begin.
Mr. Denda ephasized that the core problem of our society is centralised system of governance which is not good. For example, the money from the investment fund is not being controled by experts, but by 14 ministers, so almost no programme for support of SMEs was conducted. Europe is giving us road, it is up to us if we will take that roud or not.
Mr. Hauser aksed a question at the beginning of his speach: What do I as an individual have from the EU? He, after that, gave the answer to this question and emphasized that the EU is the bigest project of peace and solidarity in Europe that we have ever had. All member states are trully equal partners.
EU first of all gives us freedom of movement, employment and education.